Majlis passes the Bill on the Amendments to Judges Act

29 April 2019 - 14:16


Majlis passes the Bill on the Amendments to Judges Act during the last Sitting of the 18th People’s Majlis today.

The Bill on the Amendments to Judges Act (No. 13/2010) as reviewed by the Select Committee was passed with 25 votes in favor. 20 members voted against the bill with 2 abstention. The committee report was presented by the chair of the Select Committee Hon. Abdul Raheem Abdulla, MP for Fonadhoo.

Moreover, preliminary debate was held for the Bill on the Amendment to the Human Rights Commission Act (Act No. 6/2006) proposed on behalf of the Government by Hon. Ali Azim, MP for Henveyru – Central. 25 Members spoke during debate time allocated for the Bill.

At today’s Sitting, the Speaker highlighted on the work done by the 18th People’s Majlis, and also that 94% of the work of the Majlis has been completed. The Speaker also thanked the former Speaker, Mr. Abdulla Maseeh Mohamed, Deputy Speaker, Mr. Moosa Manik, Parliamentary Group Leaders, Hon. Members of the Parliament, Secretary-General, Uza. Fathimath Niusha, Counsel General, Uza. Fathmath Filza, former Secretary-General and every person who helped with the committees.

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