Speaker condemns the attack on MP Alhan Fahmy

3 February 2014 - 5:24

Speaker Hon. Abdulla Shahid has condemned in the strictest terms, the brutal stab attack on Hon. Alhan Fahmy, Member of Parliament for Feydhoo constituency, at around 9 pm on 01 February 2014.

In his statement given from ADK Hospital, the Speaker pronounced the vicious act of violence against Hon. Alhan Fahmy, MP and the murder of Hon. Dr Afrasheem Ali, MP in October 2012 to be a loss to democratic process stating ‘to direct an attack towards an individual Member of Parliament, is an attack on the entire Parliamentary institution  and a loss to democracy’. The Speaker urged the government to push for swift investigation into the attacks and in bringing to justice those responsible for this act of brutality.

Hon. Alhan Fahmy, MP was stabbed in Malé this evening, while at the Breakwater café. Following initial treatment at ADK Hospital, Hon. Alhan Fahmy, MP has been flown to Sri Lanka for further treatment.

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